6 Head 60 Watt Multiflash Power Supply

Part Number : superpak606

Our Price : $161.00

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60 Watt, 6 Head Strobe Power Supply

The SUPERPAK606X features 15 flash patterns that are easily selected via a single wire pattern selection scheme. The SUPERPAK606X also features selective switching - you can enable or disable pairs of strobe heads for optimum flexibility in your application. The SUPERPAK606X pattern set features a unique cycle mode that sets it apart from competition. The SUPERPAK606X includes features not found on any other power supply in the industry.

The EZPANEL connector is standard and allows Plug-N-Play hookup to Nova's new line of control panels. The twin diagnostic LEDS make it simple to locate system faults in the field. Choose the new, state-of-art Nova SUPERPAK606X for your next warning signal application. With a packed feature list and solid factory warranty, the SUPERPAK606X is the top choice for modern strobe warning signal applications.