4 Head 90 Watt Multiflash Power Supply

Part Number : xpak904

Our Price : $193.00

Product Details

XPAK Series

90/75 Watt, 4 Head, Multi-flash Strobe Light Power Supplies

The X-PAK is a heavy duty strobe power supply designed for use in fire, police, utility, construction and other emergency vehicles. The X-PAK is the heart of a truly effective strobe warning system for the entire vehicle.

The multiple flash modes of the X-PAK, from double flash to quintuple flash, provide the high intensity light bursts that make any emergency vehicle easily visible in the worst weather conditions. Count on the X-PAK as a reliable workhorse to power two to four strobe heads, directional or 360 degree, for any vehicle that needs to be clearly visible during bright sunlight conditions or inclement weather.

With thousands of field proven units installed and a rock solid 5 year warranty, the smart choice is the dependable X-PAK strobe power supply for the heart of your warning system.