4 Head 50 Watt Multiflash Power Supply

Part Number : micropak504

Our Price : $140.00

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50/40 Watt, 4 Head, Multi-flash Strobe Light Power Supply

The MICROPAK X-Series are economical, heavy duty strobe power supplies designed for use in fire, police, utility, construction and other emergency vehicles. The MICROPAK X-Series power supplies are available in 40 and 50 watt models, capable of powering two to four heads and are the perfect choice for the volunteer who wants a powerful warning system at a reasonable price.

The MICROPAK X-Series power supplies include features not found on any other power supply in the industry. The EZPANEL connector is standard and allows plug-n-play hookup to Nova's new line of control panels. The twin diagnostic LEDs make it simple to locate system faults in the field. The high intensity quadruple flashes of the MICROPAK X-Series, coupled with the EZPANEL1 selective switching feature, provide the high intensity light bursts that make any emergency vehicle easily visible in the worst weather conditions.

Count on the MICROPAK X-Series as a reliable workhorse to power two to four strobe heads, directional or 360 degree, for any vehicle that needs to be clearly visible during bright sunlight conditions or inclement weather.