Thorogood 6" GEN-flex2 Visible Gel System Waterproof Side Zip Tactical

Thorogood 6
  • Part Number : 834-6446
  • Our Price : $130.00

Product Details

GEN-flex2 VGS (Visible Gel System) 300

High-performance tactical gear, Thorogood's GEN-FLEX2 TACTICAL uniform footwear meets and exceeds the demands for maximum comfort and performance of professional law enforcement personnel. With the addition of shock-absorbing VGS-300 TECHNOLOGY, the GEN-FLEX2 collection represents an achievement in uniform boot design.

Looking for a complete package? Then look at the GEN-FLEX2 TACTICAL uniform footwear. A aggressive state-of-the-art boots incorporating advanced comfort and stability technology, flexible platform constructioin, multi-surface slip-resisting tread design and durable stitchdown architecture in a lightweight, 100% non-metallic design. Additional features include convenient side-zipper options and true waterproof construction.

Thorogood's VGS-300 (Visible Gel System) highlights the comfort technology built into the GEN-FLEX2 collection. Designed to absorb an astonishing 300 foot pounds per square inch (compared with 75 in other footwear brands), the interactive cushioning design of the VGS improves comfort and reduces repetitive impact stress where it's needed most - in the heel. These are Thorogood's most comfortable and performance-enhanced uniform boots ever produced.

The GEN-FLEX2 collection is available in both safety (composite toe) and non-safety styles, 8" and 6" heights.

Recommended for: professional law enforcement, private security and military personnel