Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer 4E

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer 4E
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Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer 4E

Provides the necessary knowledge to meet the requirements found in NFPA 1021. Information in this new edition is organized into chapters for Officer I and II levels, beginning with the basic knowledge and skills and transitioning into the requirements for each level established by the standard.

Chapters are: Part A: Level I - (1) Transition to the Role of Company Officer; (2) Leadership; (3) Supervision; (4) Logic, Ethics, and Decision-Making; (5) Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities; (6) Interpersonal Communications; (7) Oral Communications; (8) Written Communications; (9) Administrative Functions; (10) Safety & Health Issues; (11) Organizational Structure; (12) Company-Level Training; (13) Human Resources Management; (14) Labor/Management Relations; (15); Community Relations and Public Fire & Life-Safety Education; (16) Records Management; (17) Pre-Incident Planning; (18) Incident Scene Communications; (19) Incident Scene Management; (20) Incident Scene Operations; (21) Postincident Activities.

Part B: Level II - (22) Management Activities; (23) Types and Forms of Government; (24) Interagency and Intergovernmental Cooperation; (25) Analyses, Evaluations, and Statistics; (26) Human Resources Management II; (27) Administrative Responsibilities; (28) Fire & Life-Safety Inspections; (29) Fire Investigations; (30) Multiunit Emergency Scene Operations; (31) Postincident Analysis and Critique; (32) Safety Investigations and Analyses.

A glossary, suggested reading list, and appendices containing numerous samples and examples complete the manual.

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer Fourth Edition by: IFSTA ©2007 Published by: IFSTA