Essentials for the Emergency Medical Responder

Essentials for the Emergency Medical Responder
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The "Essentials for the Emergency Medical Respondeer" textbook includes information beyond that of other EMR texts. Written to the new National EMS Education Standards for the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) the text also includes information needed for patient assessment, interventions and critical thinking in the field. The book uses a systematic and organized approach to assessment. Unlike other texts, the authors focus on safety and wellness and include sections on physical, behavioral and mental health issues. Special attention is given to interventions with mental health or substance abuse patients.

Written by Joseph A. Grafft - Metropolitan State University, School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, St. Paul, Minnesota and Katherine Kuzma Grafft.

ISBN-10: 1435487842 ISBN-13: 9781435487840

288 Pages

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