Paramedic Books

1. Nancy Caroline's AAOS Emergency Care in the Streets 6E

2. Paramedic Care Principles & Practice 3E

3. Prehospital Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2E

4. AMLS- Advanced Medical Life Support 1E (NAEMT)

5. IV Therapy for EMS

6. Critical Care Paramedic 1E

7. Essentials of Paramedic Care 2E Update

8. Mosby's Paramedic Textbook 3E Revised Reprint

9. Paramedic Survival Handbook

10. The Streetmedics Handbook 2E

11. The Paramedic Textbook

12. AAOS Paramedic Calculations for Medication Administration

13. Advanced Assessment and Treatment of Trauma 1E

14. Professional Paramedic Volume

15. Paramedic National Standards Self Test 5E

16. Paramedic Review & Student CD/DVD

17. ALS Case Studies in Emergency Care

18. Paramedic Lab Manual 1E

19. EMT Achieve: Paramedic

20. Trauma Case Studies for the Paramedic

21. Paramedic Pearls of Wisdom 2E

22. Exam Prep: Paramedic

23. Atlas of Paramedic Skills

24. Paramedic Recertification Practice Exams

25. How to Prepare for the Paramedic Exam w/CD

26. ALS Skills Review

27. Success! for the Critical Care Paramedic

28. AAOS Principles of ALS Care

29. Knightlite Ace Your Paramedic Practical Exam DVD

30. Knightlite Essentials of Paramedic Care SG CD v2.0

31. AMLS-Advanced Medical Life Support Instructor's Manual 3E

32. Paramedic Care Principles & Practice Workbook Volumes

33. Basic Arrhythmias 7E

34. 12 Lead ECG for Acute and Critical Care Providers